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A few simple questions will help determine the safe best suited to your requirements.
  • What do you need to protect?
    Cash and valuables, Papers or Magnetic media such as CDs, cassettes, tapes etc.
  • What type of protection do you need?
    Security, Fire resistance or both.
  • What is the total worth of the cash or valuables in the safe?
  • How much space is available?
Security Safes
Our range of Security Safes are designed to protect cash and valuables from theft. All our safe ranges have an insurance Rating listed for guidance purposes.

It is essential that you select a product with the appropriate rating for your requirements and that meets with the approval of your underwriter prior to purchase.

Security safes generally fall into two categories:

1: Ungraded safes, which are not formally tested but can provide the required level of protection.

2: Formally tested, certified and Graded to VdS classification.

  • 1. Manufactured According and comparable to EN 1143-1. This is a standard that lists the requirements to be fulfilled by security safes in order to be given a particular Cash Rating.

    2. Formal Graded VdS classification
    This is an internationally recognized certification awarded by VdS Schadenverhütung* the independent, international, accredited and notified testing and certification institution for physical and electronic protection against intrusion. VdS inspects and certifies products as well as services for the safety and security industry. All procedures follow standards and rules established by VdS in cooperation with the insurance industry and international organizations. The VdS mark of approval stands for quality and reliability wherever safety and security matters.

To comply with your insurers requirements and or recommendations, it is advised and recommended that all freestanding safes weighing less than 1000kg be securely anchored when installed into your premises.

Always check prior to purchase that your insurance provider agrees with the indicated insurance risk values printed as a guide within our web site. Various factors can increase or decrease the insurance risk value.

Data Safes
Data media is increasingly an integral part of our daily lives but few people recognise the vulnerability of this resource. Data media are increasingly sensitive and are vulnerable to destruction at much lower temperatures than paper. Equally, exposure to various elements such as heat, dust, water, light will adversely affect the durability of such equipment. Therefore, it is vital that the correct storage is provided to protect important data media and our Data Safe products are designed to protect all types of magnetic media (discs, tapes, cartridges etc.) in the event of a fire. Whereas paper begins to corrupt at 175°C, magnetic media (data carriers) can be damaged by temperatures as low as 52°C making the additional protection offered by our data safes essential.

Fire Resistant Paper Safes, Cupboards & Cabinets
Our range of Fire Resistant Paper safes, are designed to protect any type of paper based documents in the event of a fire. As a minimum all these products are built in accordance with DIN 4102, which requires 30 minutes fire resistance.


Top Loading safe                                                                                            Front Loading Safe with
with Rotary Deposit Trap                                                                               Locking Deposit Drawer

Mini Vaults



Underfloor Safes


Gun Safes


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