Electronic Entry Systems

Paxton Access

TOUCHLOCK K series stainless steel keypads

Lose your keys forever
  • A smart and robust stainless steel construction
  • Codes can be changed quickly by the system administrator
  • Simple programming using the keypad
  • Codes may be between 4 and 8 digits long
  • Users enter a code to gain entry
  • 3 sizes for different environments and applications. 38mm, 50mm and 75mm wide.
  • Suitable for external use. The TOUCHLOCK K series stainless steel keypads are completely waterproof having a rating of IP67.
  • Keypads can be used on both sides of the door for 2-way access control.


PROXIMITY: Simple, Secure.

PROXIMITY access control from Paxton Access.

Regain control of your building with PROXIMITY access control.

PROXIMITY Access control gives you control over who has access to your building.
Keys also do this - so what is the difference.
hen you lose a key, you have the expense and inconvenience of replacing locks and all the other keys, or you accept that your building is no longer secure.
PROXIMITY gives easy, convenient access for those who have a right to enter the building.
ROXIMITY is maintenance free.
PROXIMITY is a user friendly, reliable and convenient way to unlock a door. No more searching for keys or locks getting jammed. 
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